Digital printing of labels isn’t new but as with any technology there are rapid advancements. Staying with the latest technology is paramount to delivering best in class products at competitive price points. At Labels & Specialty Products, we have the right mix of both conventional and digital print technology that allows us the flexibility to maximize efficiencies and provide the best cost solution for our customers. At the end of 2021, we invested in the Domino N610i that will more than triple our digital print capacity. This will also enable us to print on a wider range of substrates. The new technology also provides L&SP to achieve higher resolution, high-line speeds, and a wider color gamut than previously achieved on other digital production lines.

A few highlights of this press include the following:


With the new digital press, we are opening our capabilities to color match even the most color critical jobs. We understand the importance of branding. By having CMYK + White + Violet + Orange allows our team to hit up to 92% PMS colors as well as color match to special brand colors. Along with color matching, we have the ability to print high-opacity white. This provides screen-like high impact appearance with the operational flexibility of the digital process.


At 230 feet per minute, there is no doubt that the Domino will allow our team to turn around jobs faster than ever. With a shorter set up, not having to wait for printing plates, less time to change SKUs, this machine is great for many industries including the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and others. We already pride ourselves on our lead times, but with this new digital press in place, we will be taking our service to the next level, delivering even better turnaround time for our customers.


Along with high resolution 600 x 600DPI quality of print, we have also incorporated a SmartScan defect detection system. This print quality system alerts the operators of any print deviations. Learn more about this inspection system and how it is ensuring quality even at very high speeds.


This new press will give us capability to print variable text, barcodes and images just as quickly as generic labels. Our team has many years of experience in data files, utilizing our inkjet variable imaging. The Domino will allow us to print in full color and with 600x600DPI precision. This is great for QR codes, human readable and any other variable data or personalization.

The Domino N610i will not only open capabilities within our facility, it will also open our capacity immensely. If you are looking for top quality, quick turnaround times and a label partner that puts your company first, reach out to see how you can help fill the open capacity of our digital press!