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Digital Label Printing

Digital Printing

Short runs, variable designs, high quality

Digital label printing is a great way to produce smaller quantities of custom labels with crisp colors and graphics without the cost of a conventional label press set up. You receive the same top-quality results for smaller orders or multiple variations of a design. In addition to high resolution and uncompromising quality label products, variable imaging can be incorporated into the production process. This enables infinite design capabilities with minimal added cost.

As a result of digital printing, the turn around time is greatly reduced. Unlike the process of flexographic printing, digital label printing does not have the press set-up time and plate creation time. For larger quantities, flexographic label printing is more cost-effective. In contrast, digital printing is cost-effective for small and medium label runs. Digital also cuts production time immensely, while providing a high-quality label.

digital label printing

Flexibility for Custom Labels

Flexibility is key with digital label printing. Each custom label within a print run can include consecutive numbering, different text, graphics, or any other information you need to support your promotions or product messaging. Another custom option for digital printed labels includes variable printing including barcodes and QR codes.

Digital Printing Industries

Food & Beverage

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Health & Beauty

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Household & Chemical

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Why choose us?

Label & Specialty Products offers a variety of label materials for your digital printing needs. We invest in state of the art technology to provide top quality labels for our customers.

L&SP also works with both local and nationwide companies to provide custom labels for your promotion or product. Our team will then generate a custom quote specific to your order and provide quality labels.

We can expertly guide and advise you through every step of label design, material selection, and production processes, ensuring that your product label is as impressive on the outside as your product is on the inside.

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