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The Labels & Specialty Products Difference

At Labels & Specialty Products, we pride ourselves on providing unique and innovative printing solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

The company, founded in 1984, was formerly known as Packaging Printing Specialist (PPS). PPS focused primarily on custom printed packaging tape, pressure sensitive shipping and logistic labels.
The company evolved by expanding press capabilities to accommodate up to 12-color printing. Our 12-color printing meets the demand for higher end consumer product categories. PPS also made heavy investments in digital printing technologies for variable information. This was utilized for producing promotional scratch off games, promotional reveal games and clean release membership cards.

In 2016, PPS rebranded as Labels & Specialty Products to better align the brand with the wide variety of products offered. With the combined capabilities of 12-color printing, custom adhesive coatings and variable imaging, Labels & Specialty Products is the right partner for all your projects.

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Labels and Specialty Products owner

Thomas E. Tyndall
Labels & Specialty Products

From the President…

Our competitive edge is our culture, which is focused on delivering value through our people, processes and technology.

Whether it be logistic labels, consumer product labels, instant redeemable coupons (IRCs) or promotional game products, Labels & Specialty Products is here to provide quality products. Our advanced technology supported by people that care about our customers’ success as much as we do our own is what makes our company different.

We look forward to working with you!


Labels & Specialty Products Core Values


Working with integrity and trusting in one another to achieve goals, objectives and customers’ expectations.


Our customers are at the core of what we do… our core values are how we do it!


Passionate about the company’s success and willingness to go above and beyond.


Having grace under pressure and viewing problems as opportunities.


Constantly learning and growing to better ourselves, our products and our services.


Being polite and respectful to our vendors, customers and coworkers.