As we continue to grow at Labels & Specialty Products, we have more capacity to scale than ever before. Complementing our print capacity our team made the decision to invest in defect detection technology. This print quality system will enhance our ability to catch even the smallest of print defects.

Why is it Important?

In order to provide this assurance of quality, we have invested in two E&L – SmartScan inspection systems. One system for the digital press and the other for our conventional print. As we continue to grow in the consumer products industries from food & bev labels to pharmaceutical labels, we know how critical it is for the labels to be free from common print defects. Along with the precision, these systems also allow our press operators to increase speed without compromising quality. This provides the customer with the assurance that we stand behind the quality and integrity of the products we produce.

How Does it Work?

The SmartScan Inspection System takes a digital picture of the “perfect label” that the operator selects. The system then alerts the operator of any deviation from that picture. With these flags, the operator can then access any errors for quality. This will ensure we are providing a consistent label from one roll to the next. The defect detection system checks for print defects of color and copy, any missing labels, unremoved waste matrix, splices, die cut errors and flags.

This system will allow our operators to work faster with added confidence that we are always providing the best quality to our customers. If you’re interested in learning more about this defect detection system and how it can better your company’s branded labels, please don’t hesitate to reach out.