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Embellished Label Printing

Embellished Label Printing

At Labels and Specialty Products, our team understands the need for your label to stand up against the competition. We provide a wide variety of custom embellished label printing options for both dimension and security. Below are a few examples of our embellished label printing capabilities that can enhance your brand image.

Labels with Foil Stamping

Make Your Labels Shine

Custom foil accents can add a touch of elegance to your product label. Foil embellishments can draw a customer’s eye and is available in a variety of metallic colors including gold, silver or any other color that is cohesive with your brand. Custom foil labels give the label a shiny, metallic look therefore highlighting a specific logo or section of the messaging. The foil can also be the full label based on your specifications.

Foil stamping is:

  • A cost-effective way to enhance the look of labels
  • Works well with a variety of label materials including paper, vinyl, plastic and more
  • Can be tinted almost any color you desire
  • Gives a metallic look to draw a customer’s eye
embellished printing with foil stamping
holographic label printing

Holographic Labels

Beautiful from Every Angle

Holographic labels add a distinctive look to your product. Many companies use them as part of a security program to validate the authenticity of their products. The 3-D rendering on holographic labels is also a compelling design option to highlight special promotions. The holographic labels can be printed with sequential serial numbers as well as micro text to better differentiate products for specific promotions or projects.

Holographic labels have a number of security applications to protect your products:

  • Prevent alterations to the product, event tickets, ID badges
  • Deter counterfeiting with custom hologram images
  • Tamper-evident labels break apart when removed

Embossed Labels

Raise the Bar

Embossed labels add another dimension to the look and feel of your products. The labels are custom designed, printed and precisely embossed with your logo or specified artwork. Embossing allows you to draw a customer’s eye to a specific part of your product label due to the texture and raised area. The raised portion of the labels creates a contrast that really pops and as a result, heightens the impact of your labels.

Embossed labels:

  • Add a rich element to the appearance of the label artwork
  • Are applied on a variety of materials and label sizes
  • Are an affordable way to further enhance the upscale perceived value of your product
embellished label - embossed labels

Why work with Labels & Specialty Products?

Labels & Specialty Products works closely with you to create labels that will stand apart from the competition. Our team can expertly advise you on how to utilize our embellished label printing capabilities. Embossing, foil stamping or holographic printing, we guide you to elevate your label. We ensure we meet your specific needs whether it be brand consistency or security.

We then provide a custom quote that is specific to your order.

Contact a Labels & Specialty Products representative at 630.513.8060 or by filling out a contact form here.


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