Perceived quality is defined as the impression of value given by a product. This impression derives from the product’s appearance and feel. In essence, how a product looks is much more important than simply brand image. Consumers face a wave of buying decisions every time they walk into a store. Every product is trying to grab their attention, so it is incredibly crucial to stand out from the rest. In the food and beverage market especially, the physical product packaging is often similar. The best example of this is in the wine industry.

Wine manufacturers know how hard it is to stand out with the bottle itself. This is where the importance of their labels become essential. Having an uninteresting or dull label in the wine space is likely to make that product non-competitive. Acquiring visually striking labels is an investment for these companies, where the return is the additional business provided by their product’s perceived quality. Thus, in order to stand out and capture the consumer’s attention, their label has to provide a quality look and feel.

Quality You Can See

There are many ways to produce a remarkable looking label. The customization of a label doesn’t stop at the print. Different materials and printing techniques can elevate the original design. In the example shown below, the label features a reflective foil material. This produces a stunning rainbow effect, without sacrificing the clarity of the text. Additionally, part of the design is cut directly into the label, rather than being printed. These techniques in combination provide a beautiful, 3D effect that proved to be exceptionally eye-catching.

Despite being surrounded by similar products, this type of label demands the consumer’s attention.

Quality You Can Feel

Once a label catches the eye of the consumer, it needs to maintain that sense of quality in their hands. Using a high-quality material is key to providing a premium feel.

quality feel

In this example for a gourmet BBQ sauce, the label features a heavy estate stock that creates ridges that give not just visual interest, but also texture to the touch. Along with that it can create a vintage or hand-crafted look and feel.

The combination of look and feel plays a colossal role in influencing a consumers buying decision. This principle reaches farther than just food and beverage. Other markets like Health and Beauty, as well as Nutraceutical, rely heavily on perceived quality to catch buyer attention.

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