Over the past two years, one initiative that has been tasked to our team is growing our portfolio of consumer product labels. With that initiative, our company has made several investments to support this business and to ensure the technology in-house matched the needs of this market segment.

L&SP has made several investments to meet the demands of the consumer product businesses.

  1. High Speed, 7 Color Digital Press

With consumer product labels, there is an emphasis on color critical work. Along with that, there are many versions of each label based on number of skus. L&SP knew having a digital press that could keep up was imperative. In 2022, we made the investment of a Domino N610i that will more than triple capacity in the digital space. Along with this, it will increase our capabilities of the material that we can print on and the colors we can hit. Couple the color gamut with the high-line speeds. Ultimately, this enables our team to produce labels quickly, leading to shorter lead times.

  1. SmartScan – Error Detection

With product labels, branding and print quality is more important than ever. Ensuring brand consistency with color, but also without defects is essential. We understand the need for nutrition facts to be clearly printed and legible and bar codes to be scannable. Our SmartScan system will use a digital picture to compare each and every label to the original. This will ensure consistency with print, without slowing production down.

  1. Material Inventory

If there is one thing that 2020 taught our team, it is that it is better to have a surplus of material and be a trusted partner, than to have to turn business away or let down our customers. The industry has changed, and the ability to bring in raw materials for just in time production is a way of the past. Our team has made the decision to hold a surplus of material to do our best to not let our customers down. We understand that in the food and beverage space, the needs can vary. We want to be ready to provide for our customers with their product labels based on their production needs.


As we continue to increase our portfolio in the consumer product space, our team will also continue to make strategic investments. Each investment will be made to best align with our customers. Each decision will ensure our team is providing the best value which comprises of quality, turnaround time and cost effectiveness.


If your consumer product company is looking for as new label supplier, we are ready to become your trusted partner. Reach out today!