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Wellness and Nutraceutical Labels

Wellness & Nutraceutical

Eye-catching and informative

With more consumers than ever shopping for traditional and natural alternative medicines, it’s important to make sure your nutraceutical label stands out in a crowd. Your custom product label should very quickly and clearly state the benefits of your product while gaining the consumer’s interest and trust. At Labels & Specialty Products, we have the capability to provide nutrition fact labels, custom labels for nutraceutical branding and more.

Along with the custom nutraceutical labels, we also can create extended content labels (ECLs) and instant redeemable coupons(IRCs). ECLs allow for additional information and IRCs create promotions to help drives sales within the retail space.

Our Capabilites

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  • FDA compliant labels
  • Metalized papers and film materials
  • Foil and holographic special effects
  • Extended content labels
  • Booklet labels
  • Instant Redeemable Coupons (IRCs)

Why choose us?

The design and production teams at Labels and Specialty Products understand the importance of an informative, quality product label. Many wellness and nutraceutical product distributors, as well as consumers, make purchase decisions largely on the look of and information printed on your product label. We help you give them a reason to pick your product over your competitors.

We can expertly guide and advise you through every step of label design, material selection, and production processes, ensuring that your product label is as impressive on the outside as your product is on the inside.

Getting started is as simple as contacting a Labels & Specialty Products representative at 630-513-8060 or by filling out a contact form below.