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Industrial Labels


Engineered for durability

Industrial environments demand durable labels and tag that will stand up to the unique, tough conditions. Industrial labels are critical to helping you stand out amongst the crowd, identify a product or warn the user, all while withstanding the environmental conditions.


Our DURO-label is specifically engineered for industrial environment. We understand that the label must adhere to both smooth and textured surfaces and outlast the conditions. Along with the adhesive, the material must also be tough. We recommend the materials needed based on conditions, handling, as well as use.


In addition to our durable labels, we also offer a DURO-tag that is tear resistant and weatherproof. Our tags can be affixed with staples or stitching. We also offer a tag that has self-affixing features with a keyhole. This tag stands up to tough environments from moisture to UV exposure.


Along with tough tags and labels, we also offer REMOVA-labels for windows, doors, metal and glass. This label is ideal for these applications and can be easily removed without leaving residue behind. Along with the removable aspect, the label is fade resistant when exposed to UV light.

Our Capabilites

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  • Durable materials to withstand the wear and tear
  • Aggressive adhesives to adhere to tough applications
  • Fade & rub resistance
  • UV Inks for chemical resistance
  • Flexographic and digital printing

Why choose us?

The team at Labels & Specialty Products offers multiple products to ensure your durable labels and tags stand up to harsh environments. We understand the needs in the industrial space to adhere to difficult material, be durable and resistant to tough conditions. We also understand that other labels should be easily removed for windows and doors. DURO-labels, DURO-tags & REMOVA-labels are engineered for the construction & building industries.

We can expertly guide and advise you through every step of label design, material selection, and production processes, ensuring that your product label is as impressive on the outside as your product is on the inside.

Getting started is as simple as contacting a Labels & Specialty Products representative at 630-513-8060 or by filling out a contact form below.