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Industrial labels for durable product industry

The durable product industry demands a specific type of label that will adhere to the product as well as outlast the conditions. Industrial labels are critical to helping you stand out amongst the crowd, while withstanding the environmental conditions. Along with branded labels, we also provide informational labels for lumber, GHS BS5609 compliant drum labels and warning labels.

Along with the look of the label, we understand that although the material must be tough. We have adhesives that will withstand the environment and application. We recommend the materials needed based on conditions, handling as well as use.

In addition to the durable adhesive and materials, our industrial labels use UV inks for chemical resistance. Unlike traditional inks that air dry after printing, UV inks are exposed to concentrated UV light to “cure” the printed images. UV inks produce denser color saturation for vibrant print quality while preserving the print integrity, even under harsh conditions. UV inks offer excellent rub and chemical resistance. Products that need to stand up to harsh environments are good candidates for UV inks.

Industrial labels that demand durability:

  • Tire labels
  • Hardware labels for tools & equipment
  • Lumber labels
  • Warning labels
  • GHS BS5609 compliant drum labels
  • Landscaping material labels
  • Brick and masonry labels
  • Steel labels

Why work with Labels & Specialty Products?

Labels & Specialty Products works closely with you to create labels with the construction to hold up against the wear and tear as well as the conditions that industrial labels endure. Labels & Specialty Products has the technology and durable materials to create your labels and tags that will withstand the elements and adhere for your specific application. We also have a deep knowledge of Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of classification and labeling of hazardous materials. Let our experts help you comply with the latest hazard communications standards to save you time, money and potentially lives. Click here to read more about GHS

We listen carefully to understand how your product is packaged, shipped and marketed. Our experts recommend the right materials, adhesives and finishes for your labels. We then provide a custom quote that is specific to your order.

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