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Piggyback Label Constructions

Double Duty

Piggyback labels are constructed with multiple layers with one self-adhesive label on top of another. The top label can be removed and reapplied somewhere else. The bottom label remains attached to the original surface. This label is also known as a two-layer label or double-layer label, due to the construction and adhesive.

One main application is for marketing promotions and direct mail. Outside of promotions, these labels are also used for shipping returns, inventory marketing and more.

Piggyback labels:

  • Provide new ways to include product information
  • Allows for additional or hidden messaging for marketing promotions
  • Reapplied after removing the top layer
  • Customize in multiple shapes and formats
  • Applied by hand or machine
  • Easily affixed to paper, cardboard, plastics and more
  • Used as a prompted direct mail return response
piggyback labels for integrated forms

Why work with Labels & Specialty Products?

Labels & Specialty Products can help you discover all the ways piggyback labels can enable new tactics to make your direct mail campaigns even more compelling. Due to their construction, these custom promotional labels make it easy to customize in multiple shapes and formats. Our team works closely with you to develop the construction of the piggyback labels.

With over 30 years in the industry, Labels & Specialty Products works with you to ensure the label is high quality. We listen carefully to understand the specs of your piggyback label. Our experts recommend the right materials, adhesives and format for your labels so your label meets your application needs. We then provide a custom quote specific to your order.


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