As a leading provider of custom label solutions, Labels & Specialty Products understands the challenges that food manufacturers face when it comes to meeting the latest regulations for organic products. With the USDA updating their standards for organic products, companies must ensure their product labels are in compliance.

We are here to help food manufacturers to print high-quality product labels that meet the latest regulations and appeal to conscious consumers.

New Label Requirements and How L&SP Can Help Update Your Food Products

In order to bolster the confidence in their organic certification, the USDA has tightened its requirements for organic products. This includes a variety of new restrictions, which will ultimately result in products losing their USDA organic certification.

One significant change to the organic standard is the restriction on the use of certain materials in organic production. This means that companies must review their current products and production methods to ensure compliance with the new standard.

The USDA has also updated the labeling requirements for organic products. This includes new requirements for certifying organic products and clearer labeling for partially organic products. These are products that include organic ingredients, but are not fully organic.

To help food manufacturers update their products, Labels & Specialty Products offers a wide array of printing solutions. Whether you need to remove organic certification from your labels, or add an updated USDA organic logo, L&SP can help.

Additionally, we offer eco-friendly material options that can bring more appeal to conscious consumers. These labels can be marketed as “sustainably produced,” and can help companies appeal to a growing market of conscious consumers.

L&SP is the ideal partner for food manufacturers looking to revamp their product labels due to the new USDA organic food standard. We create custom labels that stand out and appeal to conscious consumers. If you are a food manufacturer looking to update your product labels to meet the latest organic standard, contact us today to learn more about our custom label solutions.

(DISCLAIMER: Labels & Specialty Products is not certified to advise on USDA regulations or policies. Please visit the official USDA Organic Certification website for more information)