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Extended Content Labels (ECLs)

Tell the Whole Story

Sometimes the space on a product’s label isn’t big enough to hold all information. Extended Content Labels (ECLs) provide the added print space you need to display more information, while not having to increase the package size. These labels extend by either popping out or folding to display the additional information.

ECLs are a great solution for many consumer good packaging issues. With regulatory requirements of ingredients, languages or disclaimers, extended content labels are a way to publish the information on smaller products. ECLs allow you to increase the space without taking away from the brand or message.

ECLs attach to your product and typically fold out to hold extended:

  • Product use instructions or warnings
  • Legal language required by government regulations
  • Information printed in multiple languages
  • Nutrition information or ingredients
  • Promotional rebates or coupons
Extended content labels

Why work with Labels & Specialty Products?

Label & Specialty Products partners with you to determine the right format and layout for extended content labels (ECLs) that best meet your needs. We evaluate what kind of environment your product is stored as well as how many times the ECL will be handled. Other factors we review with you is shipping and display. This ensures that the ECL is designed to adhere properly to your products with the right shelf life.

Label & Specialty Products offers a variety of label materials for extended content label requirements. Let us help you select the right label type based on your product as well as your design. We then will provide a custom quote based on your specifications.


Chemicals, lawn care products, personal care and pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals

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