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Household and Chemical Labels

Household & Chemical

Durable without compromise

Household products including chemicals, demand a label that will allow for branding, but also warning and product information. With the ability to print 12 colors for your branded household products or chemical labels for retail, our technology allows your product to stand apart from the competition. Along with the brand representation, our technology allows for strong adhesives to withstand the conditions as well as the contents within the packaging.

At Labels & Specialty Products, we have the technology to create extended content labels (ECLs) for warning labels and additional information for chemical warnings. These extended content labels allow for your chemical or household products to meet legal compliance, while also providing a clean, branded look. Our household and chemical labels also have the proper adhesive and materials to endure the potential environments and moisture.

Our Capabilites

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  • UV Inks for chemical resistance
  • Extended content labels for additional warnings and information
  • Instant redeemable coupons for retail
  • Durable materials
  • Custom shapes and adhesives based on applications
  • Flexographic and digital printing

Why choose us?

The team at Labels & Specialty Products understands the importance of having a label that will stand out and hold up. We will recommend the material and adhesive for the chemical industry, while our technology will give your label the bold look you desire. With additional information needed to be displayed due to safety and warning information, we offer extended content labels. These labels will accordion or hinge to display further information.

We can expertly guide and advise you through every step of label design, material selection, and production processes, ensuring that your product label is as impressive on the outside as your product is on the inside.

Getting started is as simple as contacting a Labels & Specialty Products representative at 630-513-8060 or by filling out a contact form below.