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USDA Revision Necessitates New Organic Labels

As a leading provider of custom label solutions, Labels & Specialty Products understands the challenges that food manufacturers face when it comes to meeting the latest regulations for organic products. With the USDA updating their standards for organic products, companies... Read More

The Importance of Perceived Quality in the Label Space

Perceived quality is defined as the impression of value given by a product. This impression derives from the product’s appearance and feel. In essence, how a product looks is much more important than simply brand image. Consumers face a wave... Read More

Sesame Allergen Demands Updated Nutrition Labels

As of January 1, 2023, the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) designated sesame as a major food allergen. This means that companies are now required to declare the presence of sesame on their nutrition labels. This is no different... Read More

The Future of Take Out & Delivery

As off-premise dining continues to become a mainstream way for restaurants to thrive, there are many measures that are being put into place. Trying to translate the brand experience of their restaurants to home can sometimes get lost in transportation.... Read More

How to Reduce Risk with Safety Labels: Health Hazards, Contamination and Workplace Injury

Workplace safety labels play a crucial role in preventing personal injury and job-site accidents. But they can also remind employees and visitors about health safety. As Coronavirus (COVID-19) and other illnesses continue to spread across the U.S., it’s crucial to... Read More

Should Your Product Labels Contain QR Codes?

Having a well-designed label is the first step in attracting attention to your product. But there’s an opportunity for your label to do much more with QR codes. If you want to communicate the added value of your product, you... Read More

Label Shelf Life: How to Get Durable Labels That Last

The life of a label is far from easy. If it’s not constant squeezing, it’s moisture breaking down your design. If it’s not temperature extremes prying at your adhesive, it’s UV rays slowly fading colors. Durable labels are directly connected... Read More


RECOVERY ROASTERS: Logo to Label Recovery Roasters proves that a hot cup of coffee can do a lot. Ethically sourced and expertly roasted, each of their four blends offers a high-quality brew for even the most demanding coffee drinker. Most... Read More

4 ways to boost food safety and reduce waste with dissolvable labels

Going out to eat is one of life’s true pleasures. I love making a reservation at a special restaurant, scanning the menu for just the right entrée, and then sitting back in anticipation as a talented chef prepares the dish.... Read More