Having a well-designed label is the first step in attracting attention to your product. But there’s an opportunity for your label to do much more with QR codes. If you want to communicate the added value of your product, you might consider this scannable technology that’s been around for almost twenty years.

The two-dimensional barcode allows people to use their smartphones to learn more about an item. For manufacturers and marketers, it also offers a solution for reducing the amount of information printed directly on a package. Printing QR codes on labels can even serve as a promotional tool.

However, as reported by Food Dive, the most effective use of the QR code is to provide consumers with information about how they can experience additional benefits by using your product. Here are a few ways to create and communicate that value in any industry.

Food Packaging

Beverage giants like Coca-Cola are using QR codes to connect buyers with their Coke Music Portal. Its youth-oriented marketing campaign with pop-up gigs and music videos links their web content with real world consumption.

For other food and beverage brands, there are many effective ways to engage customers and provide valuable information:

  • Share ingredient-related information such as nut-free, gluten-free, or high-fiber labeling.
  • Create videos to share an interesting story behind the product.
  • Offer infographics or videos to share healthy recipes and pairings.
  • Links to a landing page that reveal an entire product line.
  • Provide discount coupons or promo codes for future purchases.
  • Link to social media platforms for customers to share and react to the product.

Wine, Beer & Spirits Packaging

If you’re a winery or brewery selling directly to customers, your bottles are best at promoting your brand. That means that QR codes are a tool to nurture customer curiosity. It’s especially important since most consumers aren’t wine connoisseurs or mixologists.

Many people already shop with a phone in hand, which makes codes useful to communicate the following types of information at the shelf:

  • Use a link to connect customers with similar preferences. Harry’s Bar in Singapore adds QR codes to beer bottles so that singles can text other singles having drinks at the same bar.
  • Provide customer coupons, loyalty points, redemption vouchers, and other promotional offers.
  • Share links to event details such as brewery tours or musical concerts sponsored by your brand.
  • Offer information about vintage, brew process, and varietals.
  • Suggest food pairings for each bottle or brew.

Beauty Brand Packaging

Beauty and cosmetics brands are always searching for new ways to enhance the consumer experience and educate all at once. For example, Geodeo’s natural deodorant is made for consumers who pay attention to sourcing and ingredients. Their QR code shares specific information about each of the ingredients listed on the deodorant’s label.

Here are some other ways to use QR codes for beauty and cosmetics brands:

  • Provide detailed information about ingredients and different skin types.
  • Show “How to” videos to teach customers how to apply and use your product.
  • Tell your customers about social campaigns related to society and the environment.
  • Share the other range of products that can be used to achieve a desired look.
  • Add a short video about your product or a teaser about your upcoming product

Things to Consider Before Using QR Codes

While QR codes can be used in a variety of ways, including entertainment and promotional marketing, the leading trend is now to use codes in a practical way. They can be used to improve industry transparency and expand manufacturer-consumer communication beyond the product label. The studies conducted by SmartLabel have shown one essential factor to QR code success — sharing information to help consumers make an informed purchasing decision.

Even if you choose to incorporate a QR code, it’s important to stay informed about other scannable data methods. These can include invisible digital watermarks and near field communication (NFC) tags, both enabled using a smartphone. Be sure that you’re up to date with the application most relevant to your consumers.

Work with the Right Printer for Your QR Codes

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