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USDA Revision Necessitates New Organic Labels

As a leading provider of custom label solutions, Labels & Specialty Products understands the challenges that food manufacturers face when it comes to meeting the latest regulations for organic products. With the USDA updating their standards for organic products, companies... Read More

The Importance of Perceived Quality in the Label Space

Perceived quality is defined as the impression of value given by a product. This impression derives from the product’s appearance and feel. In essence, how a product looks is much more important than simply brand image. Consumers face a wave... Read More

Sesame Allergen Demands Updated Nutrition Labels

As of January 1, 2023, the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) designated sesame as a major food allergen. This means that companies are now required to declare the presence of sesame on their nutrition labels. This is no different... Read More

Our Label Quality Control Process

We care about label quality. At Labels & Specialty Products, we have developed rigorous processes to ensure that every product that leaves our facility meets our highest standard. For products as critical as labels, every color, detail, text, and design... Read More

Making Investments in Our Customers

At Labels & Specialty Products, we continue to work towards being the best label partner for our customers. As we look for opportunities to improve, we look at 3 areas: providing cost savings, decreasing lead times, and printing a higher... Read More

4 Things QSRs Can Implement to Help Their Customers Feel Safe During the Pandemic

These have been challenging times for those in the food industry. With concern for safety mounting, the quick-service restaurant business has been forced to strategize to keep customers visiting their establishments. Since there may still be some time yet until... Read More

Why Labels Matter

Driven by impulse, consumers often base purchasing decisions on a product’s color, shape, and design, making a well-constructed label key to competitive marketing. The way consumers shop has changed over time. Brand dominance off the shelf no longer guarantees sales... Read More