As off-premise dining continues to become a mainstream way for restaurants to thrive, there are many measures that are being put into place. Trying to translate the brand experience of their restaurants to home can sometimes get lost in transportation. During these unique times, we are seeing many interesting innovations to ensure customer satisfaction and sanitation. After all, this isn’t just takeout, this is take home! Here are three tactics that many restaurants have implemented as a result of the 2020 pandemic.

Brand Stickers

Many restaurants are sealing their to-go packaging with a brand sticker and identification stickers for a few reasons. One main reason is to seal in freshness for pick up as well as delivery. These brand seals are being put on clam shells, sauce containers, to-go cups and more. Another large reason for these stickers is to drive brand awareness. Many brands are transitioning from relying on experience to surviving on packaging. To ensure their brand stays top of mind and the customer has a positive experience, these labels and stickers help restaurants create connection and peace of mind. Along with brand stickers, catering labels are also needed as many people are hosting at home. These catering stickers can help identify food as well as seal containers.

Tamper-Proof Stickers

Tamper-proof stickers are key when it comes to delivery. Sanitation is extremely important for many customers. With restaurants relying on their own delivery drivers as well as third party, tamper-evident labels have been a great way to ensure their product is getting to the end customer safely. The tamper-proof stickers are used to seal food containers. The stickers are also sealing the larger to-go bag or container to ensure there is no tampering. This also gives the opportunity for restaurants to brand or label the food by customer to make pick-ups a breeze, further streamlining the process.

Bounce Back Coupons

As off-premise dining continues to become mainstream, on-site dining is beginning to open up on a state by state basis. In order to drive foot traffic back into the dining rooms, many restaurants are offering a bounce back coupon and delivering it in their to-go packaging. By utilizing bounce back coupons, the restaurant can properly communicate safety measures and incentivize patrons to come in.

There are more opportunities than ever to drive additional revenue with off-premise dining. With many people relying on takeout, there is less of a resistance to wait until the weekend to order in. This opens many opportunities for restaurants to drive additional sales that may not have been there previously. By offering sanitation and tamper-proof labels to ensure safety, brand stickers to drive loyalty and bounce back coupons to encourage dining room traffic, Labels & Specialty Products can help you to drive success with your off-site packaging. Call us today to get started with any of these products, or learn more about measures restaurants are taking to navigate the new ways of dining.