Scratch off cards and promotional game pieces are one of the easiest ways to reach your customers with attention-grabbing prizes and easy-to-play rules. According to Gallup, brands that successfully engage their customers with gamification strategies realize 63 percent lower customer attrition and 55 percent higher share of wallet. Whether your business is looking to run a large sweepstakes or a simple, one-off promotion, scratch off card promotions are customizable for any budget.

One of the advantages of using scratch off cards is the customizability of the card itself, and chances are that your exposure to limited national promotions have created expectations that may seem out of reach.

While there are unlimited ways to use scratch off card promotions to engage your customers – direct mailing, new product launches, grand openings, store discounts, employee incentives and reward programs – here are the steps to creating the effective and engaging cards themselves.

How to Customize Scratch Off Cards

We use programmable controlled variable data and imaging to make sure every card has a unique verifiable winning serial number.

Choose a Card Size

The size of your scratch off card can be integrated into any piece of promotional material. Looking to increase interest in your business cards? Create a scratch off business card with the same dimensions and text. Although we can customize your card to any size, here are the most popular options:

  • Business Cards: 2.25” x 3.5”
  • Credit Cards: 2.125” x 3.375”
  • Index Card: 3” x 5”
  • Small Postcard: 4” x 6”
  • Medium Postcard: 5” x 7”
  • Large Postcard: 6” x 9”
Define Your Scratch Off Shape

Your scratch off area doesn’t have to be restricted to squares, rectangles or circles. Depending on your industry and the goal of your promotion, customers can scratch off images of sunglasses, hats, speech bubbles, shoes, cars – often the more unusual the shape, the more irresistible the print.

Plan Ink, Text or Graphic-Filled Scratch Off Areas

Most scratch off cards use either a metallic gold or silver ink. But why limit your scratch off card to gold or silver when you can use the entire color wheel? Full color inks can highlight your logo or graphics that drive home your branding.

For example, Coors Light hosted a designated driver “Responsibility” program at the Pheonix Suns US Airways Center. Suns fans who signed up and took the “Responsibility” pledge received a game card with an overlaid scratch off area designed as an image of an orange basketball.

Design Your Card for Your Game

While scratch off cards are effective using a single scratch off area, you’re not limited to just one. Multiple scratch off areas can be used in the following ways for continuous promotions or for a more strategic game experience:

  • Scratch one area to choose your prize
  • Scratch and match three areas to win
  • Play tic tac toe or match three in a row, column or diagonally
  • Keep track of tasks, puzzles or quests

Variable data printing on scratch off cards also provides even more promotion options. Unlimited data variations include any prize combinations, individual barcodes and QR codes.

Take Your Scratch Offline to Online

Consider including online steps to win to maximize your ROI. When you redirect players to a landing page designed to collect valuable contact information, you not only boost your ability to re-target customers but you immediately drive traffic to your website.

Find a Printer to Manage, Print and Distribute

If your promotion includes multiple prizes and locations, you’ll need a printer who can handle large-scale distribution. Labels & Specialty Products specializes in complex promotions – franchises with multiple locations across the United States with multiple prize destinations.

We have the experience in variable data printing, distribution and project management to ensure that your promotion reaches the customers you’re seeking. Contact our printing experts today to discuss how to start your next scratch card promotion.