Embossed labels stand out to consumers, even when they share space on a crowded shelf. Their three-dimensional effect is the result of heat stamping— a special technique that presses design or text into your label material so that specific elements remain raised.

So why is embossing worth the investment?

Your label’s appeal plays a major role in a person’s decision to buy. Here are some ways that embossing can increase your product’s value by standing out, literally.

Custom Embossed Labels Get Noticed

Not only can people see the difference, they can also feel it. Indentations mark the details left from the embossing process, a feature that lends a sense of sophistication. That ability to touch also has a powerful effect on whether consumers buy.

Products that communicate their features through touch (is a 1,000 thread-count sheet softer than 500?) aren’t the only ones to benefit from an in-person experience. Research Joann Peck, published in the Journal of Consumer Research, suggests that touch influences consumer behavior even if it doesn’t offer useful product information.

This means that custom embossed labels—simply created for artistry and design—can actually persuade customers to purchase.

Maybe even more important is texture’s effect on retail shelves. According to studies by researchers from Bocconi University and Innsbruck University, crowded product displays are visual overload for consumers. As a result, buyers rely even more on touch to make product choices.

Embossed Labels Increase Perceived Value

Another of Peck’s many studies suggests that just touching an object increases a person’s sense of ownership of that object. People actually envision themselves owning the product.

And this is where it really gets interesting. Study participants who touched an object (and liked it), thought it was worth a higher price.

In other words, embossed labels are special. They go beyond two dimensions with custom details. When consumers recognize higher quality packaging, they’re also more willing to pay a higher price. It’s no surprise that the term “premium” often describes custom embossed labels.

Embossed Labels Create Customer Loyalty

Although consumers are willing to pay more for expensive-looking products, the reverse is also true. Products marketed at a higher price point need to look the part.

The 2013 Ecommerce Packaging Survey results found several ways to grow customer loyalty by meeting these expectations. This includes the 71% of consumers who said they expected higher-quality packaging when ordering expensive products. It also includes the 52% who said they were likely to buy again as a result of premium packaging.

Consumers continue buying products when they connect quality packaging with quality products. This is especially true when an embossed label can reinforce a product already marketed for its higher quality.

Choose a Printer That Can Emboss Labels

Elevate the way consumers see your product with custom embossed labels. At Labels & Specialty Products, we use our flexographic printing press to print the highest quality labels. And our finishing lines enable us to add hot foil stamping, holographic printing, and, of course, embossing.

At Labels & Specialty Products, we have the experience and printing technology to create finely-crafted, embossed labels with fast turnaround times. Contact us today to talk to one of our experts about how to start your project.