A motivated workforce is your company’s best asset. When you get your employees engaged in their day to day and excited about their responsibilities, your team can be unstoppable. But employee motivation doesn’t just happen on its own. Rewarding your employees with scratch off card incentives can help you nurture those positive behaviors.

Scratch off card employee programs work towards specific business and team goals. For example, sales awards can increase productivity, safety prizes can motivate safe workplace habits, and employee recognition can boost team morale. Here are three effective ways to use scratch off cards to start rewarding and motivating your team.

Sales Incentives Programs

Having a motivated sales team can’t be understated. Scratch off card incentives can be a useful tool for a short-term, strategic sales boost, as they provide an immediate reward. They’re fun and easy to manage, which means that, implemented correctly, you can ensure your top performers earn rewards while lower-level performers still have a good chance of winning.

Furthermore, the incentive can adapt to your targets and objectives. Scratch cards can be given to encourage specific campaigns or sales periods, including:

  • Delivering awards to the first sale of the day
  • Awarding scratch cards to the top salesperson of the day
  • Enlisting scratch card awards in real time as your employees reach sales quotas

Because you may distribute cards with multiple closed deals (even within a given day), the majority of your prizes will be inexpensive. However, be sure to have at least one big-ticket item (e.g. a flat-screen TV or event tickets) to maintain motivation throughout a given period.

Safety Incentive Programs

Just like rewarding sales boosts, safety incentive programs can change the environment in your workplace quickly and effectively by rewarding positive behavior. And in order to meet your industry’s needs, you can customize your scratch offs for any size workforce, goal, or budget.

Employee accident prevention reward programs are common in many types of industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Food Processing
  • Grocery
  • Construction
  • Medical

Above all, safety scratch off cards help reinforce cautious behavior and accident reduction. For example, you can use scratch offs to reward employees for cleaning up spills, for walking and not running, for wearing proper shoes and eye wear, and for extended periods without injury.

You can even turn your scratch off cards into fun educational games. That could mean educating your employees on the product line with which they’re involved. Or quizzing them on safety issues like first aid, forklift safety or hazard communications. Because people are interacting with the card and scratching off the answers, they’re learning and engaging with the information. Whenever an employee scratches of all the correct answers, they’re an instant winner or entered into a drawing.

Employee Recognition and Appreciation Programs

It pays to recognize the good work of your employees for the goals specific to your industry and business. Companies with a solid strategy to recognize team members enjoy stronger engagement, increased employee morale, better customer service, and lower turnover. That could mean upwards of 50% higher productivity and as much as 20% increase in business outcomes.

Scratch off card incentives serve as positive reinforcement, particularly when issues arise that you want to improve within your workforce. Employee recognition includes sales, safety and the behaviors you choose to encourage in the long term, including:

  • Employees spending extra time with a client
  • Perfect attendance for a week
  • Making or exceeding sales quotas
  • Positive attitudes
  • Following safety guidelines in the workplace
  • Cleaning up work spaces
  • Respectful communication with co-workers and clients

Because employees are immediately rewarded and recognized for their behavior, the scratch off card incentives serve as encouragement to continue. Winning prizes can range from cash to logo items from your company. And non-winning cards can be collected and entered into a drawing at a later date.

Find a Printer to Create Customized Scratch Off Card Incentives

Scratch off card incentives should engage, motivate and inspire your workforce. At Labels & Specialty Products, you can design and print scratch off cards with multiple scratch off areas, multiple dimensions, label sizes and shapes. Our team can even help you determine a program that’s right for you. Contact Labels & Specialty Products today to discuss your next project.