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Scratch Off Cards

Scratch Off Cards

How to Motivate Employees with Scratch Off Card Incentives

A motivated workforce is your company’s best asset. When you get your employees engaged in their day to day and excited about their responsibilities, your team can be unstoppable. But employee motivation doesn’t just happen on its own. Rewarding your... Read More

How to Design Custom Scratch Off Cards

Scratch off cards and promotional game pieces are one of the easiest ways to reach your customers with attention-grabbing prizes and easy-to-play rules. According to Gallup, brands that successfully engage their customers with gamification strategies realize 63 percent lower customer... Read More

A Winning Campaign: 6 Ways to Use Scratch Off Card Marketing

Hand out a scratch off card and ask what it’s worth. Is it worth its cost of purchase at $5 or its potential winnings of $500,000? The true value remains hidden beneath a foil stamp or latex ink. Which is... Read More