These have been challenging times for those in the food industry. With concern for safety mounting, the quick-service restaurant business has been forced to strategize to keep customers visiting their establishments. Since there may still be some time yet until we get past this, these are some things QSRs can implement to help their customers feel safe during the pandemic.

Publicly Posting Cleaning Codes

By this point, most customers are aware that businesses are required to keep vigorous cleaning and hygiene codes to stay open safely. Because of this, it can seem superfluous to post-cleaning codes near the front door. But not taking this step can make a business come across as being unaware and even careless.

This isn’t to say that companies should post information in a way that is overly serious or hysterical. This can work against your purposes as well. It’s best to strike a balance between showing that your company is taking the situation seriously and that customers can feel secure knowing that your business is looking out for their best interests.

Re-imagine Doorway Greetings

Those who are greeting at the door set the tone for a customer’s entire experience. However, social distancing guidelines have shaken the traditional strategies for making customers feel welcome. It’s hard to see a greeter smiling when they are wearing a mask, and handshakes are out of the question.


Try these creative ways to embrace social distancing while showing customers you care.

  • Instruct employees to be extra expressive with their eyes and body language.
  • Create upbeat, custom masks for greeters to wear
  • Make Buttons or T-shirt about showing the customer that you care
  • Add an extra expression of thanks to customers for choosing their restaurant to the typical greeting
  • Add an extra “be safe” to the typical salutations.

Focus on Greeting Area Set-Up

Even though customers are not dining in, they often still have to enter the restaurant to pick up their orders. If there is a line or you expect groups of people to be standing around in the same space, mark the floor with clear spots for people to stand. The visual cue will make customers more likely to abide by social distancing guidelines, making more customers feel safe while in your QSR.

If you do have dining in, consider marking the tables with a sign when they have been cleaned and are ready for dining. Naturally, customers will know that tables are being cleaned, especially if staff has already posted cleaning guidelines. The sign is an example of over-communication for the sake of customer comfort, a visual reminder that customers are being cared for at every stage of their dining experience.

Handling Customers Food

One of the greatest causes of concern among those going to restaurants is the fear of cross-contamination. Namely that the customer and employee’s hands tamper proof stickerswill touch as they are handed the food or that their food will be handled more than necessary. To avoid the first, try instructing servers to place the order on a tray and pass the tray to the customer rather than handing it to them themselves to avoid accidental touch.

For the second, assure customers of the integrity of their food by sealing it with a tamper-proof label. This simple sticker cover seals the bag shut and acts as another visual cue that your restaurant is being conscientious of customer concerns. We have general and customized tamper-proof labels available for your restaurant.

We live in trying times, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot rise to the occasion. With these simple strategies, you can keep your customer’s feeling secure and coming back to your establishment.