Play a scratch card and you match to win. The instant win game is a low-commitment way to earn a prize and one of the most effective ways to drive repeat engagement. They harness the powerful urge for instant gratification. But if you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative to scratch off card marketing, mainstream businesses are currently making powerful use of “Peel and Reveal Cards” or “Peel to Win” promotions.

The key to a successful instant win program is using prizes to incentivize desired behaviors like repeat purchases, ratings and reviews, or in-app data capture. Here are some ways to put peel and reveal cards to use in your next promotional campaign.

  1. Use Peel-to-Win Games to Launch New Products

New product launches are exciting times. Your brand designed, built and tested a new product before finally entering into the market. And you want the world to know. Instant peel and reveal cards attract curiosity and interest because of their quick gratification and simple element of fun.

In 2019, Dunkin’ Donut’s “Sip. Peel. Win” on-cup promotion utilized a game piece adhered to large or extra-large-sized hot, iced or frozen beverages. The timing of the beginning of the promotion coincided with the official return of Dunkin’s Pumpkin Flavored Coffees. It also marked the launch of their new pumpkin espresso beverage, the Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Signature Latte.

Dunkin’s promotional campaign funneled interest and sales to new menu items. But it’s important to note that the majority of their instant win prizes included bonus points for DD Perks loyalty members and free food and beverages across the menu. In an effort to generate loyal repeat consumers, make your product the prize.

  1. Partner with Other Brands to Increase Your Audience

When you understand how your products or services fit into your customers’ lives, you may also find that co-creating contests with other brands can generate major brand awareness. This is particularly true with brands whose products complement your own and whose target audience overlaps with your own, as well.

For example, Jack in the Box restaurants, GameStop and Dr. Pepper partnered in 2011 for a peel and reveal game – “Jack’s Got Game.” Jack in the Box guests were offered three chances to win instant prizes for food and special offers at GameStop stores. They could also win daily prizes like game consoles and newly launched video games.

Gamers mirrored the demographics of core fast-food customers, according to the divisional vice president of marketing at GameStop. Not only did they appeal to gamers with multiple opportunities to win (i.e. three chances), but they increased the consumer base for both brands with action-packed video games and old-fashioned arcade game prizes.

  1. Capture Target Consumer Data with Winning Codes

If you create a mobile-based instant win campaign, you have several options to drive engagement and capture valuable user information when users peel and reveal a code. One traditional approach is to redirect users to a tailor-made website filled with promotional info about your contest and their winnings. This approach is also successful when users are redirected to your brand’s app. If your goal is to create brand awareness and excitement, research indicates that sweepstake and instant win engagement is better served by channeling interested parties towards social media where commenting and sharing can create a groundswell of interaction.

When Burger King announced their Winter Whopperland Instant Win Game, it included more than 50,000 non-food instant win prizes. Here’s how it worked: For a limited time, consumers who ordered a small, medium, or large fry or drink from Burger King, found a peel and reveal sticker on their purchase.

Once they peeled off the sticker, it revealed an instant food prize or code to be entered on the BK app or that entered them into a chance to win an even bigger non-food prize.

  1. Employee Safety Incentives

Although the fast-food industry popularized “Peel to Win” promotions, they can be used in almost any context. Employee safety recognition programs, for example, often use peel and reveal and scratch card promotions to motivate employees to go above and beyond.

For manufacturing businesses in which Workers’ Compensation claims may stem from potentially unsafe conditions or actions, short-term safety incentives can have a long-term impact. For example, Heartland Foods, a Minnesota firm that processes turkeys, and W.R. Grace, a specialty chemical manufacturer, instituted instant-win games for safe behavior and reporting. That meant that employees who met safety goals could receive scratch-off cards or peel and reveal cards.

Employees could redeem the game immediately if it contained matching symbols. If not, employees could still accumulate their cards and redeem them later for gifts or other awards. Instant win games were able to raise awareness of safety issues, reduce injuries and instill proactive behaviors.

Why Choose Labels & Specialty Products for Your Peel and Reveal Cards?

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