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Serialized Labels

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Serialized labels are a functional way to help companies implement inventory control processes. These labels often include specific information about the products and make it easier to verify warranty claims and track stock.

Serialized labels:

  • Unique Device Identification – UDI
  • Can be customized for the specific needs of your inventory control procedures
  • Are available in a variety of materials to adhere to almost any surface
  • UDI compliant barcodes
  • Catalog numbers
  • Lot numbers and other identifying information
  • Expiration dates

Why work with Labels & Specialty Products?

Label & Specialty Products works closely with you to select and develop the serialized labels that best support your inventory control processes. We ensure that there are no duplicated numbers or barcodes to safeguard the integrity of your records.


Food products, pharmaceutical, medical device, electronics, household products, manufacturing

Serialized card with variable printing