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Holographic Labels

Beautiful from every angle

Holographic labels add a distinctive look to your product. Many companies use them as part of a security program to validate the authenticity of their products. The 3-D rendering on a holographic label is also a compelling design option to highlight special promotions.

The labels can be printed with sequential serial numbers and micro text to better differentiate products for specific promotions or projects.

Holographic label printing has a number of security applications to protect your products:

  • Prevent alterations to the product, event tickets, ID badges
  • Deter counterfeiting with custom hologram images
  • Tamper-evident labels break apart when removed

Why work with Labels & Specialty Products?

Label & Specialty Products offers a variety of holographic labels to meet the specific security and marketing needs of your project. We work closely with you to select and design the holographic labels that support your objectives. We then provide a custom quote based on your specifications.


Household products, tickets, security badges, automotive

holographic label printing