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Labels with Foil Stamping

Make Your Labels Shine

Metallic touches add bit of elegance to your labels and attract customers’ eyes. Gold and silver are popular choices. Lots of other colors are available, too. Let your imagination run wild.

Foil stamping is available for any size print order. The foil stamping is applied on the press and works with a wide variety of label types.

Foil stamping is:

  • A cost effective way to enhance the look of labels
  • Works well with a variety of label types including paper, vinyl, plastic and more
  • Foil can be tinted almost any color you desire

Why work with Labels & Specialty Products?

Label & Specialty Products can expertly advise you on how to add a pop of metallic to your labels with foil stamping. We’ll walk you through all the options that will work best to enhance your design.


Wine and spirits, health and beauty, food and beverage, consumer goods, household.

embellished printing with foil stamping