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Custom Pressure Sensitive Labels

Custom Pressure Sensitive Labels

Easy to apply, lots of options

Custom pressure sensitive labels are a popular choice for many uses because they are easy to affix and can be printed in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials.

They stick well to most surface types and containers without the need for heat or a solvent to activate the adhesive. Custom pressure labels are printed on rolls and can be applied by hand or machine.

Custom pressure sensitive labels:

  • Easy to apply to a variety of surface and package types
  • Permanent or removable
  • Produce crisp, vibrant printed images
  • Available in a variety of materials

Why work with Labels & Specialty Products?

Label & Specialty Products offers a wide variety of custom pressure sensitive label options to meet your specific product requirements. We work with you to select the right label materials to stand up to the physical environment of your products be it a freezer, steamy shower, outdoors or some other key factors.


Food and beverage, consumer goods, household, health and beauty, logistics

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